Guys I still don’t know if I can watch this film. I know it has everything going for it, but it’s still so important to me! This is a great piece of music though, even if they aren’t using it in the movie.

Perks of Being a Wallflower Happiness Riceboy Sleeps

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    I love this music. I love the book. Can’t wait for the movie.
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    Riceboy Sleeps - Happiness
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  6. musiksnob said: The author wrote the screenplay! That usually is a good sign.
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  8. poseys182 said: I know, I’m so nervous for the movie. I feel as if my escape is going to disappear, and everyone will now know about it.. :( <3
  9. fluorescent--adolescent said: Have faith! The screenplay was written by Stephen Chbosky himself and the film was also directed by him!
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  11. chariv said: the film makes me nervous! i kind of like the idea of holding onto the book and what it means to me; seeing it play out on screen is just kind of bizarre right now. i think i’ll wait quite some time before i decide to watch it.
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  13. headbitch-marisol said: Emma’s accent makes me sad… It’s like she was on a lavender cloud and puking up puppies before, but now she’s just… Blah.
  14. thisisjustbollocks said: I really want to see that movie to, the trailer looks so awesome!
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