If you haven’t heard already, 16 of us Degrassi kids are going to Haiti this summer with Free The Children. FTC is truly an unbelievable organization, and I am so happy to be involved. Three years ago I went to Ecuador with them, and my life was changed. I was hesitant about going at first; it was my first year on degrassi as a regular, the farthest I had ever travelled from my family at that point was California. But I decided I would risk it. And I’m convinced it’s the best decision I ever made.

We worked tirelessly on a kitchen building for the whole community. We sanded, plastered, and created a mural that we painted in the main room.

I had so much fun on this trip, and I met so many beautiful kids, who get to eat in a clean, safe kitchen thanks to FTC.

Two summers later, I went to India. This trip, of course, was as amazing and life changing as the last. We worked on several classrooms, and played with the kids who went to school in the already completed sections. 

They were incredibly inspiring kids, and I will never forget them, or their smiles. FTC was there, to help bring them the education that will give them the power to do whatever they choose in their lives. 

This year we are going to Haiti. It’s going to be a more monumental trip all around because not only is Haiti strongly in need of help, but FTC has never done a group trip there. 16 Degrassi cast member are going, including myself and I cannot even begin to explain how excited and honoured we are to be going.

For fundraising for this trip, we’re trying something a little different. We are trying to raise money through an online website called Crowdrise. It’s an amazing site created by Edward Norton and several others that makes it simple to donate and raise money for causes around the world. It would be truly amazing if you wonderful Degrassi enthusiasts would help in donating to our cause. Every dollar makes a difference. That sounds so cheesy but it’s true. If every twitter follower I had donated a single dollar, we would make almost double our goal of $23,000. Each cast member has their own page, so you can donate to whoever you choose; the money will eventually end up in the same place. The link to my page is first, followed by the link to all the members.



Thank you for reading this. I totally understand if you’re not in a position to donate. Even so, like this, reblog this, tweet this, anything this, or just send positive thoughts and love to Haiti. Spread the word!! It will all make a difference. Thank you <3

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